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Have we got Kanban all wrong? 10/04/2014

The more I read on my TPS / Lean book journey (which started with Eric Ries' Lean Startup) the more I question if we in software development have got Kanban all wrong.

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Improving the design of certificate information in Firefox 10/04/2014

There is a little thing wrong with how Firefox shows DV certificates which I think goes to the heart of what it means to use SSL.

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Relaunch of this blog 10/04/2014

First post of the newly current era of this blog, which is about to enter its 12th year! (but don't worry, you haven't missed much :-)

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Discretion and the plight of the web dev shop 10/04/2014

Why do I still see the web developer's name and back-link in the page footers of sites they build?

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