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"cricket on a saturday in portsmouth dominica"

The Bowling Game kata, now with leg spin 10/28/2015

An alternative approach to the Bowling Game kata

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Vagrant Darter (Sympetrum vulgatum) by Jörg Hempel on Flickr

Vagrant configuration for Odoo 8 module development 10/22/2015

Using Vagrant to create isolated dev environments for Odoo Addon development.

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Image of a couch

CouchDB on .NET 4.5 with Async / Await 10/22/2015

Generics, JSON serialisation and Async/Await make CouchDB a snap from .NET 4.5

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Octopus swimming in a tank

Managing Umbraco media when using Continuous Deployment 10/22/2015

A PostDeploy script for Octopus to solve a common problem in Umbraco deployments.

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426 Bus in Sydney, city via Newtown.

An integration sample project for Umbraco and SQL Server Service Broker. 10/22/2015

Check out an integration sample back-end project for Umbraco using SQL Server Service Broker.

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