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James' first experience coding was re-keying GWBASIC listings from the back of electronics magazines into an IBM XT.  Since then he has worked on projects for government agencies, enterprise and SME business and startups.  The majority of his 15 years professional experience as a developer has been on web technologies and he remains current technologies such as SASS, Node, Express and Angular.

James has a customer-focused approach to getting things done, which involves a blend of people, process and technology. He is a proponent of Agile project methodologies and Lean practices with focus on requirements gathering, development practices and delivering on customer value, not just code. He has delivered projects for local and state government, fresh start-ups and established enterprises.

Leadership Experience

Having run his own web dev business for 7 years culminating in a startup following the Lean Startup methodology, and has a deep understanding of TPS, Agile and Lean.  James has a practical experience of business administration and financial controls, project management and business development.  

Through this James has honed a user-centred approach to delivering value for customers based on Lean and Agile methodologies.  James has excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate technical concepts to a broad professional audience.  James has built teams by recruiting local and off-shore developers and enjoys leading teams to deliver quality outcomes that are valued by customers.

Technical Experience

A full stack developer, James' back-end specialisation is on the .NET/C# stack and has 10 years experience with ASP.NET having deployed customer projects on every version since 1.1, and is still a little bit pleased that his email was read out on Dot Net Rocks (Episode #238 :-).  In addition to extensive experience building on the Umbraco CMS, James has production experience on a broad set of tools and technologies, including:

  • Umbraco CMS versions 3 to 7, Drupal CMS v7.
  • Nodejs, AngularJs 1.x, Bootstrap 2 & 3, jQuery, Grunt, CSS & SASS.
  • ASP.NET v1.1 - current (Webforms & MVC), C#, Dependancy Injection, TDD & Unit Tests (NUnit, PHPunit, MSTest & Moq), XML, XSD & XSLT/XPath.  SOAP/WS-* & WebAPI.
  • Microsoft SQL Server v7 - current, DTO & SSIS, SSRS.  PostgreSQL, MySQL & Apache CouchDB.
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (Octopus Deploy), Vagrant, AWS.  Git, TFS & Sourcegear Vault.  Stress/Volume testing using jMeter.
  • Developing MS Office Add-ins (COM) for Word, Visio & Excel.
  • Odoo (formally OpenERP) implementation, custom Add-on development in Python & XML.
  • iOS development using XCode (Objective-C, XCode 3 & 4), Phonegap 1.x & 3.x.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign & Premier.  Production of still and motion assets.
  • Google Analytics & tag management.
  • Windows Server administration, IIS v5 to current, AD & SSO, DNS, x.509 CA administration.
  • Visual Basic v4, v5 & v6, COM/DCOM.

Other Interests

In my free time I am a keen amateur photographer and practice the traditional silver gelatin process in my home darkroom. 

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